PPG PERMANIZER® Exterior Acrylic Latex

PPG PERMANIZER® Exterior Acrylic Latex



PPG PERMANIZER's 100% acrylic formula provides a premium, long-lasting exterior finish with a tough, durable film, super adhesion, industry advanced UV protection and dirt, moisture, and tannin resistance–backed by a limited lifetime warranty against cracking, flaking and peeling. The advanced properties of PPG Permanizer are specifically formulated to resist mildew on the paint film and contain a preservative to prevent discoloration by algae. Permanizer provides industry advanced UV protection and dirt resistance to keep exterior colors looking like new for years to come. Permanizer helps to extend the painting season with application at temperatures as low as 35°F and also provides excellent early moisture resistance.


  • Outstanding Dirt Resistance
  • Enhanced UV Resistance
  • One Coat Hide**
  • 100% Acrylic Latex

**Some colors, drastic color changes, or porous surfaces may require more than one coat to achieve a uniform finish